"Sterling Solutions" - Accounting Office is a company offering a new kind of service, which gives clients the sense of employing a finance-administrative director, chief financial officer, a person responsible for pay and human resources and a lawyer, all of them as a one employee. Having held a function of management board member and worked for over 15 years on a position of a financial director and chief executive officers in Polish companies, limited liability companies and joint-stock companies we decided to cooperate, providing services at a professional level, giving the Customer a great sense of security in their activities.

Nowadays, our accounting office is offering Clients its knowledge, broad competence, experience and expertise in current regulations of accounting, finance, taxes, human resources and payment issues, or matters related to law, administration, reports and auditing.

Currently, we are providing the following services:
. comprehensive accounting-tax services,
. comprehensive services connected with social insurance (ZUS), human resources and pay,
. comprehensive financial services,
. of financial audit,
. of reports and analysis,
. of legal assistance

Our assets which are extensive knowledge and experience in offered services possessed by our accounting office seated in Poznan and close cooperation with legal offices, tax advisors or expert auditors let us provide our Client with professional and comprehensive services and allow incessant supervision over their business activities as well as early tax and legal problem recognition.

We provide you with the feeling that our company has been created just and only for your needs and requirements.

Sterling Solutions - Accounting Office, ul. Przy Autostradzie 9, 62-030 Luboń, mobile: +48 600 989 503