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Depending on the type of activity, form of taxation and on the number of employees, the monthly price for the service is determined in a lump sum method, individually for each client. Monthly lump sum fee covers the whole range of services.

The price may be changed when documentation of a client or time of work changes significantly. In order to gain more information and estimated price of our services for your company, please contact our office on the following telephone numbers: (61) 221 69 43 or 600 989 503.
. Each client who will encourage a new client to use our services will be awarded with a discount,
. In difficult financial periods, we reduce prices in accordance with individual agreements

Please, download INFORMATION FORM of Sterling Solutions in a *doc. format and send it back on the following e-mail address: biuro@sterlingsolutions.pl
Sterling Solutions - Accounting Office, ul. Przy Autostradzie 9, 62-030 Luboń, mobile: +48 600 989 503