Accounting Services

As a part of rendering full accounting system services, we offer in particular:
. to create and updating accounting policy
. to keep accounting records
. accounting advice
. to prepare individual and consolidated financial reports according to Polish Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards
. to design and create tailor-made reports
. to support the process of budget creating and controlling its implementation
. to conduct registers for foreign entities for the purposes of VAT settlement in Poland
. to settle effectively of income tax and goods and services tax
. to prepare statistical reports as well as for the National Bank of Poland (NBP).

Human Resources and Pay Services

As a part of rendering human resources and pay services, we offer in particular:
. to keep full personnel-pay documentation
. to serve civil law agreements: contract for specific work, contract of mandate, management contract, and others
. to advise on human resources and pay matters
. to prepare reports on remuneration costs
. to administrate payments of remuneration as well as public and legal obligations
. to prepare statements and forms for public offices - Personal Income Tax forms (PIT), Polish Social Security (ZUS), State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People (PFRON)
. to prepare statistical reports

Simplified Accounting

As a part of rendering simplified accounting services, we offer in particular:
. to keep revenue and expense ledger
. to keep lump sum records
. to settle effectively income tax and goods and services tax
. to settle social security contributions of owners
. to prepare statistical reports and for the National Bank of Poland (NBP)

Economic - Financial Analysis

As a part of services related to preparing economic - financial analysis we offer:
. comprehensive financial-economical review including among other things company functioning assessment (profitability, liquidity and debt, its strengths and weaknesses),
. current verifying and analysis of financial data.

Accounting Supervision

We supervise accounting personnel in a Client's company, taking in that way responsibility in accordance with function of Chief Financial Officer in the company. Many years of experience in contacting with companies operating under various legal forms (commercial company, civil law partnership, associations) allowed us to gain experience connected with systems of accounting organization in company.
As a part of accounting advice we offer you following services:
. developing accounting policy in a company;
. organizing accounting and internal audit in your company (preparing, modification and implementation of chart of accounts, preparing of internal audit procedures, cash instruction);
. cooperation in choosing and implementing financial and accounting software;
. budgeting, strategic management accounting (Activity Based Costing);

Additional legal and tax services

As a part of rendering additional services, we offer in particular:
. to support in the process of creating internal accounting department and its training, assistance in developing procedures of an accounting department and internal audit systems (preparing Document Circulation Instruction).
. to conduct audit of the books and personnel-pay documentation, and to assist in choosing the legal form of business activity and the optimum taxation form,
. assistance in getting out of accounting and tax arrears, preparing documentation related to registering a new company (District Court, City Office, Tax Office, Statistical Office, Social Insurance Institution), preparing drafts of agreements in the area of civil law, preparing transfer for a client
. to issue sales invoices
. debt recovery
. to prepare loan and leasing applications
. comprehensive assistance in acquiring grants for setting up a business activity from Job Centres (Powiatowy Urząd Pracy)
. service and advice on Health and Safety at Work (BHP) and Fire-fighting (PPOŻ)
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